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A Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter manufactured by American Zippo Manufacturing Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Thousands of different styles and designs have been made in the eight decades since their introduction including military versions for specific regiments. Since its invention, Zippos have been sold around the world and has been described as "a legendary and distinct symbol of America".In 2012 the company produced the 500-millionth unit. Since its inception, Zippo Lighters have been almost exclusively manufactured in the United States, with the exception of an operation it ran in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada from 1949 until 2002.

Zippo's lighters don't last long, fuel evaporates whether using it or not, according to Zeppu at

"Zippos will never last long. The ignition is caused by evaporation of the fuel so whether you use it or not it will always run out irrespective if you use it or not. Doesn't make Zippos less classy or less prone to be lost or accidentally pocketed when left on a table. "


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Current Employee - None Was Given says

"Big egos make decisions without any input from others. Their number one priority is the bottom line no matter how many nasty people they have to hire to get it. We all know that that drives the awesome employees away."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Poor communication Salary Lack of team atmosphere Disconnect between all departments Top Heavy Lay off"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No room for growth. People smoke everywhere in the office. Management has no idea of employee strengths."

Manager says

"work life balance is very bad"


"They expect you to bleed lighter fluid for them, with little in return."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The company puts up a front that it is the best company to be employed by in the area. That is a farce. They will hire you for low pay and continue to work you with the "We've always done it this way" culture. The line of managers with windows, "The Window Lickers", on the second floor are only good for fill - they rely on the associates to do all their work and take credit for everything you do. The company does not like change or anyone that questions procedures. Don't attempt to reach out to HR as they will pretend to not understand your concerns or how you're treated.BenefitsEverything else. Especially VP's and Executive Staff"

Compliance Manager/Credit Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Small town mentality reflects poorly into management decisions. Focused really heavily on degrees rather than actual skill and experience. Pays extremely low."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Don't care about their employees. They move jobs to China. They have layoffs a lot. They don't acknowledge hard work and constantly tell people they are lucky to have a job."

n/a (Former Employee) says

"People care more about their titles here. HR is pretty much non-existent. Everything is decided by big titles without much thought to how it affects employees. The lack of communication makes you feel very unimportant.Charitable companyNo communication"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Depending on what department you were in as to how your day was scheduled. When I was wicking I sat for 8 hours and manually put the wicks in each lighter. When I cleaned and boxed, I did just that, c leaned each lighter and then put in box as called for for the product. The hardest part was making your numbers for the day, for each job was different. I loved being able to sit and talk while I worked.Excellant health coverage, pay was very goodmaking rate so as to make the money"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is a morning meeting with employees. Assignments are given and followed up by 3 tours through the department throughout the day to check production numbers & clear any obstacles. The biggest issue for supervisors is people, as it is with any manufacturing manager. Meetings monopolize your time and prevent you from taking too much time with your people. Zippo is a family-owned business and the President and owner are truly incredible people. If the business was always run the way they preferred, it would be a fantastic place to work. It's still not a bad place to work but it is stressful. The managers rarely work as part of the team and, generally, look out for their own interests at the expense of their peers & subordinates. The Operations division employs "management by intimidation." The "yes" men are the ones promoted. For that reason, none of the lower level supervisors trust each other or are willing to work together well for fear of missing their opportunity by helping someone else look good. In fact, they'll go out of their way to make fellow employees look bad. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the highly charged political environment between divisions, especially with the engineering and HR departments. Their management practices are inconsistent as they relate to their own rulebook and can change dramatically depending on the personnel involved. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the people on the floor, especially when a job was done well. The business is truly kept alive by the efforts of the people on the production"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"very fast paced enviroment have to work well with your hands. hand and eye coordination is a must."

Tool and Die Maker, Tool Room Production Support (Former Employee) says

"A/C tool room, ice water and ice machines HR doesn't know what is going on,. Engineering Dept has no idea so prints suffer. Q/C unreasonable at timesgood pay, reasonable insurance costsnot much vacation, vacation scheduled for you, forced to take vacation in weekly lumps"

Lois Shattock says

"Ordered on the 20th April, they sent the lighter fluid but the lighter hasn’t arrived still. I can’t find contact details anywhere and now the uk site seems to have disappeared so I can’t even track the item. Just hoping that I haven’t been ripped off and will receive it at some point!"

Pete says

"Absolutely shocking. Ordered two items, which hadn’t arrived after a couple of weeks so contacted Zippo for help. I was told the order wasn’t trackable but should have arrived by now. When I requested another be sent out I was told that “because I selected their untracked service I assumed liability”. Not only is this not made clear when selecting a shipping method (just specifies speed of delivery) it is a clear breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure an item arrives and is NEVER a buyer’s liability. Escalated to a PayPal claim. Zippo clearly have no regard for the law, or their customers. You have been warned!"

Fleur Rochelle Hawken says

"I purchased two, one for myself and one as a gift. Both have broken even after the self care we have taken to look after them. I only bought them in December! I contacted zippo and although they offer a free fixing service, it takes 4-6 weeks to do and on top of this you need to find a courier service yourself as Royal Mail do not do this. This is also something as a customer you have to pay for. Asked for a refund as this is a quicker process but they deferred me to amazon as that’s where I ordered it from (fair enough). I am still yet to go further through the process but thought it was worth giving people the heads up. Such a shame because as lighters go I loved my zippo but for the price it’s a lot of hassle and they don’t last very long it would seem :/."

Isabelle Gomes says

"I ordered a zippo on the 17th of December as a Christmas present and they specifically stated that orders before the 18th would be delivered in time for Christmas. I tried contacting them numerous times about my order's whereabouts and never got answers. It is now the 21st and I am uncertain on when I will receive it as nobody responds to me and when I check on the website the order's status is still as payment accepted. I just hope I do get it before the 25th but I saw in their small print (terms and conditions) they say that what they say on their website about delivery times might not be true and that they won't be held accountable if orders are not received within the time frame mentioned when making the order." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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